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Having your mind blown is by no means a new concept (even if the phrase seems to be), but Netflix has made the occurrence much simpler to achieve. The streaming service (has made watching movies and television much simpler and has allowed for many films that got swept under the rug to have a second life.

Many indies that don’t have the budget to astonish with A-list actors or VFX will rely on a story that sticks in the minds of its audience in order to become notable. Netflix makes their money on people maintaining their subscriptions so not only will they try to make sure to lease the best films, but they’ve also aggressively started to produce their own content.

Films that get stuck in your craw for days afterwards are not everyone’s cup of tea, but for those that they are, Netflix has some that will definitely satisfy…


14. Mr. Nobody

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Fate can be cruel or it can be pleasant: either way there’s no way to escape it. The film tells of Nemo Nobody, who at a young age makes a decision that will affect the rest of his life (as all decisions do). Showing Nemo’s life, and the alternate realities his decisions have created, the film is as visually stunning as it is ambitious.

Jared Leto’s gives a singular performance that’s in the vain of the ensemble’s full range in Cloud Atlas. The movie makes the viewers think about not only the choices they make and what it means for their life, but how time is precious. A line of dialogue articulately explains the protagonist’s main conflict, “The smoke comes out of Daddy’s cigarette, but it never goes back in. We cannot go back. That’s why it’s hard to choose.”

Don’t let the film’s box office bombing scare you away, the film has become a cult classic that rivals that of Predestination or Interstellar in its observation of time and choice.


13. The Signal

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What starts as a fun road trip with a few friends turns drastically bewildering as the laws of physics and life as they know it begin to become unfamiliar. An intense Sci-Fi thriller that bombed surprisingly hard in theatres, undeservedly so.

Actors Olivia Cooke, Brenton Thwaites, and Beau Knapp make up the cast far before they’re surge into stardom. The VFX are hardly the films selling point but hold up unexpectedly well for the $4 million budget it was allotted.

The Signal’s plot may seem a bit ordinary, but its ending is anything but. That coupled with some truly incredible cinematography and the best use of slow-motion since Zack Snyder make for not just a stimulating film, but a damn good one.


12. The Discovery


What happens to one’s consciousness after they die is a question that has plagued every generation and will more than likely continue to, but not for those in the world of The Discovery. The only Netflix Original on the list, The Discovery tells the story of a man who navigates his life and relationships two years after evidence of an afterlife has been discovered.

Rooney Mara, Jason Segal, Robert Redford, and Riley Keough make up the cast of the film which debuted to middling critical reviews and an unknown amount of audience (Netflix famously doesn’t reveal numbers from their platform).

Director Charlie McDowell’s second film after sci-fi indie The One I Love, The Discovery’s story may leave some to be desired, but on paper and in theory is a brilliant concept that has one thinking far beyond the credits.


11. Enemy


Director Dennis Villeneuve is hands down the hottest director on the market right now, and nearly every cinephile would agree that he has yet to make a bad movie, though Enemy may be his least comprehensible.

After Jake Gyllenhaal’s character spots an exact double of himself in a movie, he searches for the actor in hope of answers. When the two men finally meet, violence and chaos ensue as well as some pretty ambiguous questions, many of which involving giant spiders.

Few answers are given, and the director/writers haven’t been too keen on giving them (as they shouldn’t) so for those looking for their films to spoon-feed them should look the other way.

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