23. Makeup And Hairstyling

Mary Queen Of Scots Margot Robbie
Universal Pictures

Nominees: Border, Mary Queen of Scots, Vice

Who Should Win – Mary Queen of Scots

It’s a close contest, but there’s some insane make-up and hairstyling work going on in Mary Queen of Scots, which hasn’t quite been getting the attention it deserves. It’s transformative, and yet very much in keeping with the period and characters, simply complementing the performances rather than enhancing them.

Who Will Win – Vice

If Christian Bale ends up winning Best Actor, he’ll owe a lot to the make-up team. There’s a lot of great work going on here to make the main players look like the people they’re portraying, and it’s the kind of showy work the Academy likes. It helps, too, that it’s nominated in a number of categories higher-up, guaranteeing voters will have seen it and might look to recognise it here to ensure it gets something.

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Oscars 2019: Who Should Win and Who Will Win

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